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Licensing and Programs Resource Center

Welcome to the Licensing and Programs Resource Center

This Resource Center provides a centralized portal for accessing core licensing documents, product terms, execution guides, and incentive program documents.

With the release of the Windows Price List and Product Terms document effective February 1, 2020, Microsoft is transforming the document to a new format. A detailed communication for the new format can be found here.

Global Partner Agreement (“GPA”)

A detailed communication regarding the roll-out of the Global Partner Agreement can be found here.

A detailed communication regarding the roll-out of the Global Partner Agreement for Distributor Partners can be found here: Distributor Partners.

Program Appendixes (PAX) provide an additional layer of specificity regarding methods of sublicensing and distributing Microsoft products with devices. The Program Appendix corresponds to your business model and is related to the Microsoft products you choose to sublicense and distribute with devices. Program Appendixes must be combined with the Core Terms and Device Partner Terms or Channel Partner Terms.

Program Execution Guides

Program Execution Guides (PEG) contain operational details, policies, and requirements related to a given Program (e.g., OEM, IoT, ODM).

Product Terms and Price Lists

The Product Terms document is a compilation of all product-specific additional terms. The Price List complements the Product Terms document and lists all products currently available for license, applicable product fees, and indicates the additional terms that are applicable to each product.

License Terms (EULAs) for IoT and Embedded Products

Other Licensing Resources

OA3 Tool Updates

Incentive and Investment Program Resources