Program Execution Guide (OEM PEG) – Effective June 22, 2021

Created Date: 2021-03-22 |  Last Modified: 2021-03-22

Applies To: TVO, Named

The OEM Program Execution Guide (PEG) (CLEAN | REDLINE) has been revised to incorporate new terms for the Digital Attach process as noted below.

Summary of Changes:

New Definitions (Schedule 1.3)

  • Digital Attach or DA
  • Digital Attach Products or DA Products
  • Product Binding Report or PBR

Digital Attach Billing (Schedule 1.3)

  • “DA” billing type
  • Product Fee assessed on PBR
  • PBR must be submitted after CBR
  • CBR must have accurate and complete Hardware Hash

Returns (Schedule 2)

  • DA Products attached to a DPK will automatically be included in the return and eligible for credit based on DPK credit terms.
  • DA Products may be returned without DPK within 30 days from PBR.
  • DA Products that are impacted by a Change Event may be returned within 90 days.
  • DA Products may only be returned for credit with the associated DPK for End User Returns and returns due to Force Majeure Events.

Revision for Clarification (Schedule 1.2 Product Component Acquisition and Management)
 Subsection (g) has been revised as follows to create more clarity around the Authenticity Tag placement requirements.
  Subsection (i) revised to remove reference to GML as this section only addresses COA.
  Subsection (ii) revised formatting to create two sections to highlight that there are multiple options for GML that have different requirements.
    (A) GML when combined with a Windows logo, and
    (B) GML when not combined with a Windows log.