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Created Date: 2023-07-19 |  Last Modified: 2023-07-19

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Accessing Content

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Microsoft Partner Types

After validation, you will be granted access to DPC in relation to a particular Microsoft partner type. The following are Microsoft partner types and their definitions:

  • Distributor (Disti): a Microsoft partner with which we have a direct contract. The Distributor may distribute the software to a System Builder or Reseller to then be sold to a third party. Additionally, it sells MNA devices preinstalled with Windows.
  • Embedded/IoT Distributor: the Embedded/IoT channel is made up of two Microsoft partner types—Embedded Direct OEMs and Embedded Distributors. These Distributors serve thousands of Indirect OEMs, providing them with Microsoft products to then build with. The Indirect OEMs are typically small manufacturers/developers. Indirect OEMs do not have any engagement with Microsoft, so all product offering and pricing is set by the Distributor to the Indirect OEM.
  • Embedded/IoT OEM: the Embedded/IoT channel is made up of two partner types—Embedded Direct OEMs and Embedded Distributors. Embedded Direct OEMs have one or more agreements with Microsoft, and they create their own products using Microsoft embedded products.
  • Local Named OEM (LOEM): a company that produces or distributes Windows devices, products, or services within a regional geography and usually has a localized presence within its country.
  • Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR): a company that refurbishes computers with Genuine Microsoft software. These companies have a worldwide presence and ship a minimum of 2,000 PCs per month.
  • Multi-National Accounts (MNA): an account that produces or distributes products or services in one or more countries/regions by establishing a branch or affiliate in-country or in-region. All MNAs have a global presence. MNAs are top-volume OEMs around the world that have direct agreements with Microsoft.
  • Original Design Manufacturer (ODM): partners that produce and distribute white-box devices down-channel to be branded by channel partners, including but not limited to MNA, Named, Distributor, and Retailer partners.
  • Registered Refurbisher: a company that delivers genuine preinstalled Microsoft software licenses to small and medium-sized customers on the PCs that they refurbish.
  • Reseller: the customer of a System Builder or Distributor who sells through the computer system that is distributed with software, most likely to an end customer.
  • Third-Party Integrator (TPI): a partner that is approved by Microsoft and has been hired or authorized by a company to integrate a software application that they own into Microsoft software.

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