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Created Date 2018-09-21 |  Modified Date 2021-06-30

Applies to: OEM Distributor Incentives Program

The FY22 Distributor Program Letters and OEM Co-op Guidebook effective July 1, 2021 are now available.

Update Summary – December 29, 2020

The FY21 Distributor Program Letters and OEM Co-op Marketing Guidebook effective January 1, 2021 are now available.

Update Summary – October 15, 2020

Added the FY21 OEM Co-op Marketing Guidebook (October Update) to FY21 Marketing Resources. Updates include:

  • Addition of Commercial Distributors to OEM Distributor incentive program.
  • Clarification and examples of Proof of Execution (POE).
  • Updates to Windows branding and logo guidelines.
  • Updates to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office branding guidelines.
  • Additional information regarding tax requirements and payment processing.

Update Summary – October 6, 2020

Added FY21 Distributor Product Incentives Program Letters effective October 1, 2020, to FY21 resources.

Update Summary – July 9, 2020

FY21 resources are now available to include FY21 Program Letters and FY21 OEM Co-op Marketing Guidebook.

Update Summary – April 1, 2020

Added FY20 Program Letter – April update to FY20 Resources. This update is effective April 1, 2020, and applies to Authorized OEM Distributors located within the United States only.

Update Summary – January 28, 2020

Added FY20 H2 OEM Co-op Marketing Guidebook to FY20 Training Resources.

OEM Distributor Incentives program provides channel incentives, including cash rebates and co-op marketing funds, to participating Authorized OEM Distributors and Commercial Distributors for qualifying sales of Microsoft Software licenses and products.

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