The Get Genuine Kit

Created Date 2017-03-02 |  Modified Date 2017-03-02

The Get Genuine Kit (GGK) helps your customers install genuine Windows software on their existing PCs. It provides a simple solution to help your customers get legal, deepen your customer relationship, and build your reputation as a trusted advisor.

The problem: how to deliver a genuine Windows operating system license to a PC when the customer has acquired non-genuine Windows software.

The solution: the GGK offers a full Windows operating system license to customers who need a compliance solution for existing PCs. GGK licenses are available for Windows 10.


Order process

The GGK is available worldwide by ordering through a Microsoft Authorized OEM Distributor. The GGK provides the customer with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) that must be affixed to the PC. Media is included with each GGK purchase, and comes in a DVD-style case with one COA.

Order quantity

License packs come only in a quantity of one for Windows 10.

A one-license pack contains the Service Provider License Agreement, Supplemental End User License Terms, media (edge-to-edge hologram DVD), COA label, and a getting started guide.

Terms and Conditions

  • The license is not transferable.
  • The COA must be affixed to the PC in a visible place.
  • Downgrade rights are not available.

Software Assurance

Software Assurance can be purchased within 90 days of purchasing the GGK.


Support is provided by Microsoft, per the support life-cycle policy. This differs from OEM System Builder software, which the PC manufacturer supports.

Other facts

  • Non-transferable license—the license is not transferable to another PC.
  • New vs. existing PC use—the GGK can never be used on a new PC. It can be used only to legalize Windows software on an existing PC.

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