Build a Windows device

Created Date 2016-10-31 |  Modified Date 2016-12-21

Customize your device and get it ready for production

The following steps walk you through preparing your lab environment, and customizing and deploying your Windows operating system in preparation for supporting and selling a new device.

Before you get started, download and install the Windows 10 Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK).

Prepare your lab environment

Step 1: prepare your lab environment

Set up technician system, download the necessary components, and install tools and the ADK.

Learn more about the Windows ADK.

Customize image

Step 2: customize image

Choose settings, components, and INF-based drivers to customize Windows 10 image.

For guidance with online and offline customizations for both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations, see the Windows 10 Deployment White Paper for System Builders.

Deploy image

Step 3: deploy image

Implement online customizations, such as installing desktop applications, Microsoft Office, start layout, and online drivers.

Verify customizations and set up recovery.

Capture image

Step 4: capture image

Finalize image optimization for deployment.

Test and debug image

Step 5: test and debug image

Ensure that drivers, settings, applications, and recovery are working as expected.

Support image

Step 6: support image

Your image is ready for production. Now, you will want to keep the image up to date with the latest updates, security fixes, downgrade rights, and recovery media.

For updates and hotfixes, see Updates and hotfixes.

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