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Created Date: 2019-11-22 |  Last Modified: 2021-06-10

Indirect IoT OEM Handbook

Applies to: Embedded and IoT Distributor and Indirect Embedded IoT

Updated 2/14/19 - The IoT Indirect OEM Ops Handbook has been updated to reflect the changes outlined in the GPA. This document is effective from March 2019.

An Operations Handbook for Indirect IoT OEMs. This asset can also be shared with Indirect OEMs by their IoT Distributor.

IoT Distributor Operational Handbook

Applies to: Embedded/IoT Distributor

This handbook provides an introduction to the operational tools, processes, and readiness materials available for IoT Distributors.

OEM Operational Handbook Clean | Redline

Applies to: TVO, Named

Updated 06/10/2021 - Updated with additional clean version of the OEM Operational Handbook.

Updated 10/15/2019 - Updated with additional information regarding Sales-out and Royalty reporting.

The 2019 OEM Operational Handbook for TVO and Named partners is now available.

ODM and IDH Operations Handbook

Applies to: ODM

This 2019 Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) and Independent Design House (IDH) operational handbook is now available.

IoT Direct Operational Handbook

Applies to: Direct Embedded/IoT OEM

The 2019 IoT Direct Operational Handbook is now available.