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ENCAMINA case study

TeamsChamp boosts usage of Microsoft Teams by 500 percent in three months

Looking to transition from Skype to Microsoft Teams

Education company Santillana wanted to drive widespread adoption of Office 365 tools and move users from Skype to Microsoft Teams.

Using gamification to advance Microsoft 365 adoption

In collaboration with its partner Insight, Santillana implemented ENCAMINA's TeamsChamp, a gamification tool to accelerate Microsoft 365 adoption.

TeamsChamp implementation rapidly increases Teams usage

With TeamsChamp, the number of active Teams users rose by 74 percent in three months, and Teams usage grew by 500 percent over the same period.

ENCAMINA promotes collaboration and productivity through Microsoft products

ENCAMINA is a consulting and software development organization that strives to digitally transform large and medium-sized businesses with solutions that use artificial intelligence, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. ENCAMINA has been a Microsoft partner for 10 years and has obtained nine gold competencies and one silver competency. The Valencia, Spain-based company’s products and solutions promote collaboration and productivity across business processes. TeamsChamp, its gamification Software-as-a-Service product, is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and on Microsoft AppSource. TeamsChamp is designed to energize software adoption and make companies’ investment in Office 365 even more profitable.

Santillana is a major education company in Spain and Latin America that produces textbooks, digital resources, and support material for preschool through upper secondary education and vocational training. Santillana had been working with its consulting partner, Insight, to drive the Skype-to-Teams conversion effort, and Insight recommended TeamsChamp.

“Normally, the level of demand that our clients have is very high, and that is the case of Santillana,” said Ignacio Torralba, Sales Solutions Specialist, Insight. “If at any time we have to offer a service that is not in our offer, we turn to other Microsoft partners, and we did so with ENCAMINA. We already knew their TeamsChamp solution, and we had previously worked with them, so we knew that we were going to feel very comfortable, and it has been so."

How TeamsChamp works to expand consumption of Teams and more

TeamsChamp places employees in a ranked position based on their use of Microsoft 365 tools, including Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Yammer. The TeamsChamp algorithm measures activity, such as shared Office 365 documents, open chats, Teams meetings, or published Yammer posts. With these measurements, it launches objective indicators on the use that each person makes of digital skills. Notably, TeamsChamp does not access messages or personal content: only the sum value of the variables. Employees then visualize indicators, like a collaboration skills score or a communication skills score, within Teams. This spurs an atmosphere of friendly competition and provides employees with Office 365 tips and best practices.

Due to TeamsChamp, more than 250 Santillana employees moved from Skype to Teams. Over three months, the number of active Teams users grew by 74 percent and Teams usage increased by 500 percent.

“Thanks to TeamsChamp, we have sped up the adoption of Microsoft Teams in a way we would not have achieved otherwise. In three months, we have gone from less than 5 percent of the staff using Teams to over 74 percent of active users.”

—Miguel Gil, Information Systems Division, Santillana

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