Today, rapidly changing expectations and supply chain issues are forcing retailers to develop new business models using technologies that streamline operations, increase productivity, and provide exciting new in-store customer experiences.

This month, I’m delighted to introduce you to Avanade and the rise of the Intelligent Store. The Intelligent Store is a modular, “experience-in-a-box” solution that leverages the Azure Cloud, the Azure IoT Edge, and Azure Digital Twins to provide retailers with organizational agility. The solution leverages connected devices that gather and process information so that retailers can stay in touch with the store environment and satisfy customers regardless of where they are in their shopping journey.

Store employees receive near real-time action-based notifications to help them stay focused on what matters. Managers get a better picture of in-store utilization to improve efficiency and effectiveness. And customers enjoy more choice, convenience, and services.

As always, there are two videos to watch. The first video includes my interview with Greg Jones, North American Lead of Retail and Consumer Good at Avanade. The second is a technical deep dive, hosted by Ansley Yeo, Microsoft Principal Program Manager, with Avanade experts Rasmus Hyltegard and Sandhya Bakshi providing an in-depth look at how it works. Enjoy.


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