Cloud adoption continues to increase rapidly, yielding an enormous migration and modernization opportunity as organizations continue their digital transformation. Migration alone is one of our greatest near-term opportunities to help customers meet their business goals. Many customers are looking to shift large parts of their IT spending to the cloud with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) seeing the biggest increase.  

As customers migrate and modernize, they are not just looking for technology; they’re looking for trusted partners to help them navigate cloud complexities and opportunities. They need an expert to help them navigate these tough issues as they move toward hybrid, multi-cloud and edge environments, facing new complexities and opportunities. 

Designed with both partners and customers at the center, the Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) is our hero program to help accelerate execution of engagements to migrate and modernize to the cloud. AMMP has helped 1000s of customers successfully unlock the benefits of cloud with the right mix of expert help and best practices at each step. In addition to providing skilling and step by step guidance, AMMP also provides offers and incentives to help offset transition costs as customers migrate.   

In a nutshell, AMMP helps customers move with confidence with the right mix of skilling and resources to facilitate migration and modernization. 

Now available: Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) Partner-led  

We are excited to announce the launch of AMMP Partner-led, which provides an easy way for Azure Expert MSP and partners with an Azure specialization (currently called Azure advanced specializations) to nominate customers for migrating and modernizing through AMMP. This release is exciting for both Microsoft and our Azure partners with specializations as we scale to meet the increasing demand from our customers. Here’s what’s new:  

  • Nominate customer engagements directly. Now partners can nominate directly and access investments to help accelerate customer migration and modernization engagements.  
  • Faster approval via standardized offers. AMMP Partner-led uses pre-determined offer sizes to expedite approval times and enable agility and scale. 
  • Self-serve dashboard to nominate and track. Partners can now nominate aligned customers into AMMP through Microsoft Commerce Incentives (MCI). A self-serve dashboard provides partners the ability to track approval status and get paid upon engagement completion. 

Learn more and nominate today

Partners can get started and nominate on the new AMMP Partner-led site

Top FAQs 

Q: Which migration offers does AMMP Partner-led cover? AMMP Partner-led launched with support for Migrate & Modernize engagements. Support for Assess & Plan engagements is coming soon. AMMP Partner-led supports the migration and modernization scenarios that are core to AMMP.  

Q: Which specializations are supported in AMMP Partner-led? Partners will be able to nominate for an engagement type, and eligibility based on the partner’s Azure Expert MSP or Azure specialization status. Examples of eligible Azure specializations include infrastructure/database migration (Windows, SQL, VMWare, Linux & OSS DB), Modernizing Web Apps, SAP on Azure, and Azure Virtual Desktop. 

Q: I have an Azure specialization; how do I get started? Partners’ first step is to secure customer intent and ensure their customers are fully aligned and committed to an engagement. Once customer intent is confirmed, partners can submit a request in Partner Center through the MCI Portal and follow the process outlined at the AMMP Partner-led site


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