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Update April 1, 2024: Microsoft Copilot for Security is now generally available. Learn more.

As malicious actors continue to intensify their use of AI, security professionals must also incorporate AI into their solutions to counter the increasing threat. To support our partners and customers in securing their businesses, we are excited to announce the general availability of Microsoft Copilot for Security in all commerce channels, including CSP, on April 1, 2024. This new Copilot provides Microsoft partners with a powerful resource to safeguard their organizations, while improving the security services and solutions they offer. 

Copilot for Security is the first generative AI security product designed to defend organizations at the speed and scale of AI. This announcement continues our AI momentum following the recent general availability of Copilot for Microsoft 365, Copilot for Finance, Copilot for Sales, Copilot for Service, and Copilot for the education market

We have also added new resources for Copilot for Microsoft 365 ready to help you deliver more value, adoption, and seat growth with customers. Read our blog for these updates

Copilot for Security is designed to complement, rather than replace human skills. Our partners bring their experience, skills, and established methods for dealing with vulnerabilities. This new tool enables them to apply their expertise to services and offerings that AI solutions without human insights cannot match.  

Built with comprehensive security, privacy, and compliance in mind, Copilot for Security is grounded in Microsoft’s responsible AI principles. The solution combines the most advanced GPT4 model from OpenAI with Microsoft-developed AI orchestration. It also consolidates and integrates Microsoft global threat intelligence capabilities, as well as a comprehensive set of security products in one place.  

This Copilot is offered in two possible experiences: a standalone product or one that is embedded within the security products customers already use. We are introducing a provisioned pay-as-you-go licensing model that makes Copilot for Security accessible to a wider range of organizations than any other solution on the market. With this flexible, consumption-based pricing model, you can get started quickly, then scale your usage and costs according to your needs and budget. Copilot for Security will be available for purchase April 1, 2024.  

To get started, customers who are not already using Microsoft Azure can sign up for an Azure subscription. There are no licensing requirements, but we suggest that customers have MDE P2 or Microsoft Sentinel for a better product experience. 

Copilot for Security gives users a live, comprehensive view of their security estate that lets them consistently evaluate and enhance their protection. They can detect, examine, and address threats with unmatched speed and skill. This will enable them to increase efficiency and cooperation with a simplified, natural language-based user experience. 

This latest Copilot offering helps empower security analysts and IT professionals with a new tool to defend against sophisticated attack techniques, complex toolsets, and a shortage of talent and expertise.  

Our partners play an important role in improving customer experience across many business scenarios. Copilot for Security supplements human skills by enabling better analysis, making natural language to KQL conversion easier, and offering helpful responses to reduce training requirements. In addition, it increases speed and efficiency by cutting down assessment response time, providing concise summaries, and saving time on repetitive tasks. Partners have the opportunity to help with scalability, operational team design, and reporting through flexible allocation of analysts, audience-specific reporting, and promoting quick response and cooperation. The benefits of managed security services may also include managed SOC expertise, scenario-based processes, and the design and operation of unified and adaptable teams. 

Of course, we count on our partners to help our customers benefit the most from the combination of human expertise from our partners’ solutions, capabilities, and IP as well as Microsoft’s Security portfolio powered by AI. Copilot for Security offers our partners an opportunity to establish or build on their current professional services and advisory roles. Opportunities range from helping customers in deployment and adoption of advanced security workloads, particularly focusing on ME5 and Sentinel, to ensuring readiness in harnessing Gen AI alongside Copilot for Security. Advisory services encompass assessing customer maturity in security, including aspects such as data security strategy, governance, RBAC policies, and providing customer training and readiness. Additionally, diagnostic services involve evaluating the overall customer journey with Gen AI, specifically in terms of security integration. 

Our collaboration with partners to date has been extensive and multifaceted. We initiated an active Copilot for Security partner community at Inspire last year, which has since grown to more than 1,000 participants. This community is focused on sharing vital information through newsletters and webinars to keep members abreast of Copilot developments. Over the past six months, Microsoft has engaged with more than 100 MSSPs and ISVs in a Copilot for Security Partner private preview. These partners have actively contributed to Copilot for Security’s product development by testing and enhancing new scenarios, providing feedback on product development and operations for future releases, and assessing APIs to aid in Copilot for Security extensibility.  

In the coming months, we plan to conduct a series of sales and technical readiness bootcamps to equip our entire partner ecosystem with the skills to support customers in meeting their security requirements. Moreover, we are committed to providing investments for deployment partners to assist customers in preparing for Copilot for Security implementation, encompassing E5 and Microsoft Sentinel deployment and increasing consumption. Additionally, software developers can enlist in ISV Success to receive support in building, publishing, and expanding solutions that integrate with Copilot for Security through the Microsoft Commercial marketplace. 

Learn more about the Microsoft Copilot for Security opportunity  

Training and skilling to help use and deploy Microsoft Copilot for Security 

Copilot for Security uses generative AI to protect organizations with AI speed and scale. It is designed to be secure, private, and compliant, and it uses data that is specific to each organization. Find out more about this new offer and how it can help you grow and improve your security business.  


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