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No matter the business model, Microsoft partners are benefiting from Microsoft AI as they find innovative ways to monetize their intellectual property (IP), services, and edge. In our first blog post on how Microsoft AI empowers every partner to thrive in the digital economy, we highlighted how partners are driving business value from infusing AI into IP-based solutions.

In this post, we take a closer look at how some of our partners are using Microsoft AI services to help customers modernize operations and improve data management across industries. Monetizing AI services is creating new levels of economic opportunity for Microsoft partners in this Era of AI. More than 85 percent of Fortune 100 companies across industries currently use Microsoft Azure AI, and services partners using Microsoft AI and cloud technologies benefit from the breadth and scale of our enterprise-class portfolio. It’s inspiring to see the sheer range of applications where partners are using AI to deliver better customer outcomes—from addressing issues with supply chain visibility and automating processes to improving customer experiences.

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Managing data and finding efficiencies with AI
Celebal Technologies, a 2023 Microsoft AI Partner of the Year Award winner has built generative AI-based solution spanning several industries. They have created specific solutions to automate loan processing, manage pharmacy inventory, and enable supply chain visibility.

The company has also created an AI-powered tutor to enhance the learning experience of 400,000 students and educators. Celebal’s solution can handle 100,000 students using it simultaneously and has increased student satisfaction by 80 percent, reduced dropout rates by half, and improved test scores by 30 percent. To achieve this result, Celebal built the solution using Azure OpenAI and Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure AI Bot Service.

Celebal also has made groundbreaking advancements in its use of GPT, Microsoft OpenAI, and natural language processing. In addition to employing Microsoft Cloud offerings such as Office 365, PowerBI, PowerApps, Dynamics 365, and Azure, the company is using Microsoft Azure’s Machine Learning service to fine-tune and deploy GPT models for various domains and languages.

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Digitizing and automating tedious processes through AI
2023 Microsoft U.S. Partner of the Year for AI, Neudesic has also applied Microsoft Azure AI to its Document Intelligence Platform, which is accelerating work and productivity and creating more personalized experiences for customer management workflows.

Animal Supply Co. was one such client that spent unnecessary time and money with a tedious manual invoicing process that required staff to look up invoices and individually compare them against purchase orders and receipts. Neudesic’s Document Intelligence Platform created productivity and efficiency gains by removing manual document processing from the staff’s workflows and improving vendor relationships. This resulted in $500,000 of annual cost savings and a return on investment within the first year. For another massive record digitization project, Neudesic deployed its platform to automate document scanning, saving an estimated $3 million in labor costs and increasing the customer’s document processing ability to more than a million per year.

Neudesic uses Azure Cognitive Services to automatically extract information from contracts, forms, financial documents, recordings, and images. It also offers an Azure Data and AI Platform Accelerator, which can maximize the value of data with pre-built automation scripts for deploying an Azure data and AI platform, integrating data sources, building data models, and launching collaboration notebooks.

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Unlocking data and transforming old systems
Another services partners, Wipro, has helped clients adapt to digital technology and improve their business results. It has been working with customers across multiple industries to drive actionable insights with analytics and AI solutions.

The company’s solutions include using machine learning and reporting to help a medical device manufacturer unlock the value of organizational data for customers and employees. Data and machine learning algorithms are being leveraged to proactively service and maintain manufacturing equipment, ensure the availability of technical service staff, and gather ideas on potential product improvements by leveraging inputs from customer feedback requests and complaints.

A business cafeteria retailer that wanted to optimize prices across its different locations worked with Wipro to create a pricing recommendation engine that uses machine learning. In Australia, a water utility engaged Wipro to transform its legacy systems to comply with regulatory requirements, improve customer service, and become more nimble.

To help these and other clients adopt updated digital technology, Wipro is using Microsoft AI, Azure, and the Microsoft portfolio of data and analytics products, including SQL Server and Power BI. The company’s flagship solutions—Wipro HOLMES, an analytics and AI automation platform, and the Data Discovery Platform—also are built on the Azure platform.

Automating auditing services with AI
Microsoft partner EY is a global leader in digital transformation and intelligent automation, powered by Microsoft AI. They have applied AI technology to take the pain out of payroll questions, estimating the potential of answering more than 80% of payroll questions and saving employees over half the current costs of addressing the queries. EY has used Microsoft’s AI tools to automate more than 250 processes worldwide, saving an estimated 2 million hours of human work every year while increasing quality and accuracy.

EY follows three core principles when implementing any automation technology: free up resources, improve decision making, and complement human capabilities rather than replace them. EY has helped various clients across public and private sectors to leverage AI solutions for their business needs, such as developing a national AI strategy for the Government of Malta or leveraging an EY Smart Retail Solution to improve inventory management for a dairy products company.

Enabling partners to create modernized solutions
With Microsoft AI technology, partners are innovating solutions that streamline workflows and processes, improve productivity and efficiency, and build new revenue streams. This is enabling new opportunities for customers looking to address challenges across industries.

Partners with deep knowledge about building and deploying solutions using Microsoft Azure AI are invited to explore the benefits of earning the Build and Modernize AI Apps with Microsoft Azure specialization. Microsoft announced also a three times investment to increase the scale and availability of Azure Migrate and Modernize, along with the launch of Azure Innovate. Discover how Azure Innovate is designed to help at each stage of building AI solutions, from planning to deployment.

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