We are committed to providing the resources and support our partners need to deliver incredible solutions to organizations and communities globally. Today, I’m excited to announce the release of new partner benefits packages, each equipped with in-demand product, support, and advisory benefits and designed to drive partner success. 

There are three new distinct benefits packages: Partner Launch Benefits, Partner Success Core Benefits, and Partner Success Expanded Benefits. These packages are purpose-built to meet the varied needs of our partners at different stages of growth and designed to help take your business to the next level. They complement Solutions Partner and ISV Success core and expanded benefits already available for partners. 

Benefits packages that meet you where you are 

Partner benefits packages represent a holistic approach to partner development. Whether you're building your first solution or aiming to expand your capabilities, there is a package for you. Partners who want to kickstart their growth can explore the Partner Launch Benefits, which empower you to discover, use, and test Microsoft products. As you expand, the Partner Success Core Benefits offer a more robust set of tools and support. For those who are ready to scale at a larger level, the Partner Success Expanded Benefits provide the most comprehensive range of product benefits and support. 

The new partner benefits packages can be purchased individually and in addition to existing benefits, including ISV Success. Beyond these packages, partners are encouraged to differentiate their organizations with a solution area Solutions Partner* designation or specialization. In addition to helping you stand out to your customers in the market, these offerings unlock significantly more Microsoft Azure credits, seats, and technical support. 

Inside the partner benefits packages 

Check out our Compare Offers page to view the benefits available for each of the new partner benefits packages, as well as information on pricing. Note that this list of benefits is not exhaustive. Please reference the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Benefits Guide for a full list of benefits, including the benefits for Solutions Partner designations and specializations.   

In addition to product, support, and advisory benefits, each package also includes Microsoft Sales Copilot—designed to maximize efficiency for sales teams and improve customer interactions—and Copilot (formerly Bing Chat or Bing Chat Enterprise), which boosts productivity through access to powerful AI models.  

Scale your business with robust, cost-saving benefits 

Partners who purchase a benefits package unlock essential tools to strengthen their offers, and they do so at a significant discount. With access to in-demand product licenses, Azure credits, and support, you can build, test, and deliver high-performing solutions and make stronger product recommendations to your customers.  

You don't have to start with Launch Benefits; choose the package that aligns with your current needs and expand your benefits as you continue to grow with Microsoft. Our flexible approach allows you to purchase more than one package—you can have up to one of each—ensuring that you have access to the benefits you need to strengthen your cloud and AI practice.  

Unlock your benefits today 

These new partner benefits packages, which are available in major markets as of January 22, 2024, offer a comprehensive, flexible, and scalable approach to growth and success with Microsoft. By the end of March 2024, these partner benefits packages will be expanded to most other geographies.  

To purchase a partner benefits package, MPN Admins can access the Membership Offers page in Partner Center. Contact your MPN Admin today to get started—or go to our Compare Offers page to learn more about these exciting new packages. 

Stay up to date on other key changes 

In addition to releasing new partner benefits packages, we’re working on changes to other valuable offerings, including new designations for ISV solutions: Solutions Partner* with certified software** and Signature Cloud Support benefits. 

Solutions Partner with certified software designations: During Microsoft Inspire 2023 (July 18-19), Microsoft provided an update regarding upcoming designations for ISV solutions. Now known as Solutions Partner with certified software designations, these designations will be available for qualifying cloud software solutions. When partners become a Solutions Partner with certified software, they signify to customers that their solution meets technical criteria for interoperability with the Microsoft Cloud and demonstrates a proven track record of customer success. For partners who develop software—often referred to as independent software vendors (ISVs)—certified software designations provide an opportunity to better connect with customers seeking software solutions and unlock additional benefits from Microsoft. 

These designations differentiate partners’ software solutions in areas of high demand—and help customers identify the trusted software solutions for their needs. Currently, this offering is in private preview. We will be sharing more on certified software designations in March.  

Signature Cloud Support benefit update: The Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Signature Cloud Support (SCS) benefit has provided unlimited cloud support to eligible partners, fostering significant growth and delivering exceptional value to our partner ecosystem. As a result of our regular assessment of market conditions and the competitive landscape, we are implementing a change to the SCS benefit offering.  

Effective July 1, 2024, at the time of your anniversary date, the SCS incidents benefit available to partners who have attained a solution area Solutions Partner designation or who have previously purchased the gold or silver legacy benefits package will be limited to 50 incidents per year. This change will take effect when partners renew their Solutions Partner designation or legacy benefits package after July 1, 2024. Additional details will be shared in the coming months. 

Get started today  

Our commitment to empowering our partners remains steadfast, and today's announcements mark a significant milestone toward that promise. Whether you're bringing a new offer to the market or working to expand your existing capabilities, our new partner benefits packages, along with existing offerings like ISV Success, are designed to meet you where you are on your journey. 

Microsoft disclaimers  

*“Solutions Partner” refers to a company that is a member of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program and may offer software, services, and/or solutions to customers. Reference to “Solutions Partner” in any content, materials, resources, web properties, etc. and any associated designation should be not interpreted as an offer, endorsement, guarantee, proof of effectiveness or functionality, a commitment or any other type of representation or warranty on the part of Microsoft. All decisions pertaining and related to your business needs including but not limited to strategies, solutions, partner selection, implementation, etc., rests solely with your business.  

 **A certification is (1) specific to the solution’s interoperability with Microsoft products and (2) based on self-attestation by the solution owner.  Solutions are only certified as of the date the solution is reviewed. Solution functionality and capability are controlled by the solution owner and may be subject to change. The inclusion of a solution in the marketplace and any such designations should not be interpreted as an offer, endorsement, guarantee, proof of effectiveness or functionality, a commitment or any other type of representation or warranty on the part of Microsoft. All decisions pertaining and related to your business needs including but not limited to strategies, solutions, partner selection, implementation, etc. rests solely with your business. 


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