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Today’s blog is from guest contributor Keith Overa, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Business Applications.

Great customer service is imperative to customer retention, and today’s customers have higher expectations than ever. Consumers have seen the capabilities that come with new technologies, and now expect a personalized and fast service experience with each connection. Implementing service solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps organizations differentiate themselves with unique, personalized experiences and build long-term customer loyalty. These solutions also fuel service team productivity and deliver transformative business outcomes with a unique combination of next-generation AI, automation, and collaboration capabilities.

To help you communicate the value of this platform to your customers and grow your Dynamics 365 business, we are excited to announce three new Modernize Customer Service marketing campaigns, each offering industry-specific content:

  • Banking 
  • Government  
  • Healthcare 

The importance of customer service 
Customer experience is a central factor in purchasing decisions. Buyers are quick to be loyal to brands who make them feel valued, and just as quick to sever ties: according to Forbes, 96% of customers say they would stop doing business with a company due to a bad service experience. The challenge facing service providers is to deliver a solution that is integrated and scalable, providing the necessary visibility and insights to adapt the customer service model for each individual engagement.  

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, partners can help customers revolutionize their service operations to reach their customers with world-class care and cultivate lifelong relationships. With AI-powered agent assistance and collaboration tools, you can build solutions that enable more connected and personalized service engagements while elevating employee effectiveness. This is all possible with seamless integration as part of the Microsoft Cloud, enabling customers to extend their existing investments in Microsoft 365 or Azure for increased efficiency and security. Of course, each sector faces its own unique challenges, which is why Microsoft is equipping partners with industry-specific Dynamics 365 content to tailor your customer engagement strategy at every stage, from demand generation to post-sales support. 

Grow your pipeline with three new campaigns-in-a-box 
All partners now have access to three Dynamics 365 Customer Service campaigns-in-a-box aligned to the specifics of the banking, government, and healthcare industries. Visit Partner Marketing Center today to download and begin customizing your selected campaign for free.  

Each campaign contains resources designed to help you highlight your companies’ value proposition and help accelerate your time to market. Partners can generate demand and build your customer pipeline using the included go-to-market materials, such as: 

  • A customizable eBook to highlight your ability to address sector-specific customer service challenges 
  • Infographics to share with customers 
  • A licensed Gartner report to equip your customer service representatives with research  

By effectively messaging and demonstrating your ability to help companies streamline their support operations, you can position yourself as a trusted advisor and grow your Dynamics 365 business.

One of the best ways to stay competitive is to focus on building relationships – and demonstrating to your customers that you care about their customers’ experience is a powerful way to infuse trust throughout the buying pipeline. New technologies are constantly making it easier to support and engage with people throughout product and service lifecycles. Visit the partner portal to learn more about the Dynamic 365 Modernize Service Solution play and how to offer unique, personalized service experiences at every customer touchpoint. As a Microsoft partner you can also access a suite of ready-to-share marketing campaigns in a box via Digital Marketing Content OnDemand (DMC). With these latest campaigns, our partner community can raise the bar for customer service and solidify our strongest relationships yet.


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