Developers play an integral role in the Microsoft Partner Network, building the solutions that power our world’s digital transformation. By quickly responding to customers’ needs with innovative apps and software, development partners help groups in all sectors and industries take their business to the next level. Microsoft recognizes the importance of streamlining productivity and innovation for partners, and we are investing in tools that contribute to Developer Velocity.

Developer Velocity refers to the ability of developers to drive innovation and transformation. Increasing your Developer Velocity helps you outperform competitors by quickly turning ideas into software that supports the goals of both your customers and your business. By investing in productivity and collaboration tools, partner organizations can remove points of friction for development teams and drive solutions forward.

Recent research tells us that the number one driver of business performance is best-in-class developer tools: organizations with strong tools are 65 percent more innovative and have 47 percent higher developer satisfaction and retention rates than those in the lowest quartile for Developer Velocity. Through your partnership with Microsoft, you can access industry-leading tools that accelerate in-house Developer Velocity, including Microsoft Azure, Power Apps, GitHub, and Visual Studio.

Discover what Developer Velocity can do for you:
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As you invest in key productivity drivers, these are the available tools for powering up your developer teams:

Scale innovation with Azure: Microsoft Azure is our leading development platform, connecting developers with full-scale cloud computing capabilities to reduce costs, improve scale, and create rich customer experiences with managed services.

Jumpstart development with Power Apps: While Azure is our most powerful development platform, users can find a lower barrier to entry with Power Apps, a leader in low-code application platforms. Low-code tools like Power Apps empower everyone in your organization to be a developer and shorten the time from ideation to launch.

Collaborate globally and securely with GitHub: The GitHub platform brings together 65 million developers from around the world. By sharing tools and practices from this global community, developers can securely deliver software solutions faster than starting from scratch. Users can test code, deploy workload to the cloud directly, work in collaborative spaces, scan for security vulnerabilities in the codebase, and much more.

Build productively in Visual Studio with best-in-class tools: With Visual Studio, developers can code in any language, debug and edit on any OS, and deploy to any platform.

Co-sell with Microsoft: Once you’ve engaged these tools to develop your solutions, you can partner with Microsoft to co-sell in the commercial marketplace and extend customer reach. By leveraging the Sales Channel, you’ll have access to 140 geographies and 90K+ resellers worldwide. All partners also have access to additional Go-To-Market resources, such as digital marketing technology, ready-made and customizable content, sales enablement resources, and more.

This represents a major growth opportunity for partners. We have seen that organizations with Developer Velocity in the top quartile achieve 4-5 times faster revenue growth and 55% higher innovation. As your partner, we’re here to empower your development teams with our comprehensive developer toolkit and platform to build productively, collaborate globally and securely, and scale innovation. I look forward to what we’ll create together!


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