Update September 14, 2023: We have adjusted the dates for the Microsoft Copilot Partner Bootcamp to accommodate another event scheduled on September 21, 2023. More information is available here.

Unleash the power of AI and the Microsoft Cloud 

AI and cloud capabilities are enabling new opportunities and helping partner organizations of all sizes achieve their goals. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, embracing and harnessing this potential is a must if businesses want to thrive.  

To help partners realize the benefits of Microsoft AI and the Microsoft Cloud, the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program offers partners a comprehensive portfolio of investments for all partner business models, at every stage of maturity, from startups to independent software vendors, services to device partners.  

Driving innovation and transformation requires up-to-date technical knowledge and expertise, along with a deep understanding of how technology can help organizations evolve, transform, and scale.  

Microsoft partners understand the critical role knowledge and expertise can play in driving successful outcomes for you, your employees, and your customers. You also know it’s not a once-a-year, routine exercise but rather a process of ongoing learning—whether you’re a technical, sales, or business leader. This is why we established Microsoft Cloud Weeks and Sales Enablement for Partners to give you the personal development tools you need to succeed. 

Setting the stage for success 

We get it, training can be challenging if not done correctly; however, training can also be engaging and worthwhile. Microsoft Cloud Weeks for Partners and Sales Enablement events are designed to ensure both you and your organization get value from your participation. 

Benefits and value for youBenefits and value for your organization
Remain relevant in a rapidly evolving field and contribute effectively to projects involving AI and cloud technologies
Offer innovative solutions and remain competitive in the market 
Open doors for career growth within your organization
Meet or exceed customer expectations, leading to higher client satisfaction and stronger relationships
Troubleshoot efficiently, minimize disruptions, and deliver quality services, enhancing client satisfaction and trust
Efficiently troubleshoot and resolve complex issues, minimizing disruptions for clients and maintaining service quality
Think innovatively and explore fresh solutions with AI and cloud technologies
Communicate the value of AI and cloud services, identify new opportunities, and maximize revenue through cross-selling and upselling
Confidently communicate complex AI and cloud concepts, improving sales performance and revenue generation through effective client engagement
Understand security protocols, data privacy regulations, and compliance requirements, reducing the risk of data breaches and legal issues

Elevating technical excellence: Microsoft Cloud Weeks for Partners 

Imagine yourself in an immersive learning experience that deepens your technical expertise and paves the way for Microsoft advanced role-based certifications. Welcome to Microsoft Cloud Weeks for Partners, where you can embark on a journey through Azure, Business Applications, Security, and Modern Work solutions. Each week-long virtual event is meticulously designed to align with specific solution areas, ensuring you gain comprehensive insights and necessary hands-on knowledge through daily expert-led training, flexible scheduling, and multi-language support. On-demand videos, hands-on-labs that are anchored on real-world application learning opportunities will enhance your technical skills and prepare you for certification. 

  • Azure Cloud Week for Partners helps accelerate your path to certification for Azure AI, data science, infrastructure, and virtual desktop solutions. This event covers topics such as designing and implementing AI solutions, administering Azure workloads for SAP, configuring Azure Virtual Desktop, developing solutions for Azure, designing infrastructure solutions, and implementing DevOps solutions. You will also delve into the realm of data engineering on Microsoft Azure and gain insights into administering Azure SQL solutions. 
  • Security Cloud Week for Partners covers various cybersecurity tracks that will give you a deep understanding of how to use Microsoft's security, compliance, and identity solutions to mitigate cyber-security threats. You will gain insights into various aspects of security, including Azure’s security technologies, M365 security administration, cybersecurity architecture, security operations analysis, identity and access administration, and information protection. 
  • Modern Work Cloud Week for Partners showcases the capabilities of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Team and encompasses a range of key topics such as Microsoft 365 and Endpoint administration, Microsoft Teams management, and collaborative communication solutions. You will learn about modern desktop administration, identity and services, mobility and security, Microsoft 365 Messaging, and Microsoft Teams Administration. 
  • Business Applications Cloud Week for Partners is focused on training functional consultants, developers, and solution architects in Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications and Power Platform. It covers a range of roles, including Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, and Supply Chain Management, along with specialized areas like Customer Data Platform and Business Central. It also focuses on Power Platform roles such as App Maker, Functional Consultant, Data Analyst, and Developer. 

Microsoft Cloud Weeks for Partners isn't just about learning—it's about achieving. By participating, you can position your organization to meet the skilling requirements for a Solutions Partner designation. Becoming a Solutions Partner opens doors to greater collaboration and recognition within the Microsoft ecosystem, ultimately driving growth and success for your business. 

Mastering sales excellence: Microsoft Sales Enablement for Partners 

While technical expertise provides an effective foundation, the ability to persuasively communicate and sell the value of cloud solutions is equally vital. This is where Microsoft Sales Enablement events can help. Led by Microsoft sales specialists, these immersive training sessions are designed to equip you with advanced sales strategies spanning the Microsoft Cloud. Whether you're starting conversations, addressing customer challenges, or demonstrating the tangible benefits of Microsoft offerings, Sales Enablement events empower you to excel. 

To support our partners on this journey, we are starting our Microsoft Sales Enablement for Partners events with the Microsoft Copilot Bootcamp, a multi-day event focused on addressing the new era of AI across the Microsoft Cloud and unlocking AI capabilities for your business while preparing customers for copilot.  

These training opportunities are deeply rooted in the core Microsoft go-to-market solution plays and designed to help enhance your ability to sell and position the Microsoft Cloud. As you dive into sales-oriented content, you'll gain the proficiency needed to navigate sales conversations confidently. You'll learn to showcase real-time customer benefits, articulate the differentiated value of the Microsoft Cloud, and effectively address objections.  

Take action: Unleash your potential and register today 

At the heart of our commitment to your growth is the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. By participating in Microsoft Cloud Weeks and Sales Enablement for Partners events, you’re acquiring essential skills and elevating your status as a recognized solution partner. This can give you access to exclusive resources and position you as a trusted IT advisor. 

Explore the details of upcoming events and discover how they align with your professional goals and organizational aspirations below. Register today to secure your place on a journey that promises to redefine your approach to AI and the Microsoft Cloud. 

Microsoft Cloud Weeks for Partners 

Microsoft Sales Enablement for Partners 


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