Authorized OEM Distributor Ops Academy Resource Center

Created: 2020-04-03 |  Last Modified: 2020-04-03

Applies To: Authorized OEM Distributors


Effective April 6 2020, Microsoft has consolidated all Authorized OEM Distribution and Reseller (ODR) operational readiness content from the Microsoft Readiness site over to this Microsoft partner portal called Device Partner Center (DPC)

The ODR Ops Academy has been migrated from the Microsoft Readiness site and is now located here on the Authorized OEM Distributor Ops Academy Resource Center.

With one location for operations readiness resources, it will be easier than ever for Partners to find the latest updates, critical announcements, and operational readiness resources in a single point of reference.

To ensure uninterrupted access to these important readiness and support resources, ODR Partners should confirm they can view and access the links to the modules listed in the “Resources” section of this page. If you are unable to see the “Resources” section, please find helpful instructions below to sign-in, register, and get to know Device Partner Center:

  • Sign-in with your work account and register for Device Partner Center (DPC) to access the AOD Ops Academy resources on this page.
  • If you’re new to DPC, check out the Quick Start Guide to learn more about registering, accessing content, and subscribing to email alerts for new and updated resources.


The content contained in the ODR Ops Academy is a key readiness resource to enable ODR Partners to transact with Microsoft and to self-serve to resolve standard operational support issues.

The ODR Ops Academy Content Collection page on Device Partner Center includes readiness modules on the following key ODR program, processes and tools:

  • Digital Operations Center (DOC)
  • ODR Processes
  • Returns for credit
  • Exceptional Processes
  • Program features
  • ODR Reporting
  • ODR Tools