OEM Activation (OA) 3.0 Update for OA3Tool.exe Release in 2021

Created Date: 2021-02-01 |  Last Modified: 2021-06-24

Applies To: TVO, Named, ODM, MAR
The release information of the RTM version OA3Tool. Update the name of the mandatory OA3Tool version as 21H2 to align with the version of ADK 21H2.

Update Summary – April 15, 2021

Updated the build number of the beta version and adoption requirements.


Microsoft will release the 21H2 version of the OA3Tool.exe in June 2021, as it includes new functionality that OEM Partners may find beneficial. The build number of the RTM version OA3Tool is 10.0.22000.1. The adoption is mandatory.


The RTM version of updated version of OA3Tool.exe is available and distributed in the Windows 10 Products Assessment and Deployment Kit (“ADK”) package 21H2 in the Microsoft OEM Digital Operations Center. The OPK partner number of the 21H2 ADK is X22-62133. The 21H2 ADK also is available in the Windows Hardware Developer Center. The build number of RTM version OA3Tool is 10.0.22000.1. The beta version of OA3Tool is available in the Windows 10 ADK package in Microsoft Collaborate and in Windows Insider. The build number of beta version is 10.0.21354.1 or above. The beta version should be used only for testing purposes. OEM Partner should use the RTM version 22000.1 for the production.

The changes in the updated version of the OA3Tool.exe are as follows:

  • Capture the processor hybrid core information in the hardware hash
  • Secured-core PC validation: Collect heuristics and the secured-core UEFI variable in order to identify OEM Secured-core PCs
  • NOTE: No change in existing commands for End-to-end manufacture process

The implementation of this 21H1 version of the OA3Tool.exe will be required. Per Additional Term (AT) 7004 in the Price List and Product Terms, OEM Partners must implement any mandatory updated version of the OA3Tool.exe in all their factories and on all manufacturing lines no later than by the 90th day after Microsoft makes the RTM version of the updated OA3Tool.exe available. To allow OEM Partners with ample time to address any challenges across all their factories, Microsoft will provide an additional month to complete the full adoption of the 21H2 version of the OA3Tool.exe. As such, full adoption of the version 22000.1 of the OA3Tool.exe must be completed by November 1, 2021.


For any OA3Tool or CBR data issue, please contact WW OEM Operations Support msoemops@microsoft.com.

Please refer to OEM Activation 3.0 Whitepaper for OA3Tool usage.

Please refer to the OA3Tool 21H2 Training material.